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Review : freeman mask

Hai,Assalamualaikum.Ok ,since i have so many many many times doing nothings except for eating,sleeping,reading(read : phone) and do some drawing.When i feel stress ,i will start to paint something unexpected and the result also not what i'm expect it to be (it so ugly guys).I think i need more practice.Back to the topic,first i would like to say that this post will not fully in English because this is my blog so i will make the rule :) *kejip mata sikit*.Harini aku akan buat sedikit review tentang freeman mask yang PERNAH aku guna.Why i used capital letter for PERNAH because ada banyak lagi mask freeman yang berada di pasaran. Aku start guna produk waktu 16 tahun i think,tak berapa nak ingat dah and i'm falling in love with it.Aku start dengan yang warna pink ada gambar buah delima.Zaman tu harga mask ni baru 16 ringgit (with discount of course)something tau
Where can you buy : drugstore (watson,guardian,etc) and hypermarket (tesco,giant etc)
How much the price : without disc…

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