Review : Maggi Royale

Assalamualaikum, harini aku nak share dengan korang pasal mi segara yang bagi aku pehhh power. Nampak kan gambar dekat atas tu. Tu la mi segara yang bagi aku perfect and sedap seumur hidup aku.

Harga dia tak mahal, tak murah. So so la orang kata. Kuah dia likat, pekat and berflavour .Bernafsu la kiranya bila makan.

Maggi Royale comes with 5 flavours

Very recommended for you guys to try Penang seafood curry. For curry lover, i am strongly 99% sure, you gonna love this!

Second flover is Korean Spicy Braised Beef, this one also very nice, my second favorite actually since another 3 flavors aku tak pernah try lagi. So i just will show you guys the picture only because it will become unfair if i puji-puji tapi tak pernah rasa lagi. The other perisa ni macam jarang ada.Maybe terlalu laku sampai cepat sangat habis? Hopefully ,aku dapat rasa the other flavours ni real soon ok. InshaaAllah

 The packaging looks great as always.
 No need to go to Johor anymore. You can taste laksa Johor anywhere and everywhere.
I never go to Sarawak but i am so excited to see this flavor and eat it!!

Thats all form me today.

Note: baca doa dulu sebelum makan ✌


Azlyn said…
good review! gonna try them by myself soon!
Isma Ismail said…
@Azlyn yessss!!! You have to 😊😊
Anis Farhana said…
Saya paling suka yang korean tu, sedap gila! :)

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