by - June 22, 2020

Hi, Asslamaualiakum, this post gonna be a little bit cringe and give you diabetics because im sooooo sweet like a candy and cute and nice and kind. Eh😜 So,aku sekarang dah masuk minggu peperiksaan dah pun dan dah ada yang merdeka from all the exams, but i still have one exam this monday and a project that need to be submit next week. Pray for me.  This is an appreciation post to one of my housemate yang dah habis belajar. Actually we're the same batch but she took diploma so boleh lompat tahun. Her name is Izzati but we just call her Zati, she more more more (Please streaming lagu twice sekarang) older that me of course👀. She still single but taken in heart gituwww. Tolong la crush ti ,notice her! she so precious (nanti aku pm no akaun aku). We don't address kakak kak adik  baby etc even the age difference. But Zati just be Zati,the responsible sister that you can rely on because she is the only anak sulung in our house. Majority of us are anak bongsu. Thank you for always bersabar dengan ragam kami.😝

She also the official driver because we trust her again,yeahh we really put our nyawa on her. We always annoy her with her fashion sense (tudung hitam always). We love to playing games and i love to lepak in her room to annoy her again. Entahlah, hobi ni aku rasa. I think her room is also strategic ,yeahhh that the reason yang kukuh..the wifi also enter her room (lol)

She also love to talk a lot so thats another reason, and the more important up date to the current situation even she the facebook type of person (read the age part again) because we all know that twitter is the fastest when it comes to berita-berita terikini dan viral.

She such a free spirit person and athletic too. Jangan main-main taekwondo black belt dah ni , silap cakap ,mau melayang buku lima. She also loves to cook, her signature dish is ubi kentang of course hahahaha

So this is what i want to say to her, Congrats Ti dah berjaya mengharungi degree life . Yeah we really struggle together with sweat and tears. All the best in your life. Please take care of your health and safety. I will never forget of you for my whole life. I pray that Allah will give all the happiness in this world. Thank you Allah, sebab menemukan aku dengan manusia-manusia yang baik di dunia dan aku harap silaturrahim ini berterusan sehingga di syurga nanti. I pray that Allah will send you a good guy because you deserve it! .

Note : Second post sebab post haritu tak keluar dekat homepage. Asal eh?

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  1. all the best zati kawan isma!!! pasni isma plak graduate dengan jayanya!

  2. tahniah2...all the best for your life!